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The person picture control displays the avatar image for a person, if one is available; if not, it displays the person’s initials or a generic glyph. You can additionally insert your own badge at the top of the picture, and provide your own inner content.

import { PersonPicture } from "fluent-svelte";
Random person
Random person


Setting a Photo

Similarly to HTML’s <img /> element, you can set the src property to a URL of an image.

<PersonPicture src="" />

It’s recommended for both accessibility and fallback purposes that you provide an alt property for the image as well. The alt attribute is used by screen readers to provide a description of the image to visually impaired users.

Dog runs through the snow
	alt="Dog runs through the snow"

Additionally, if src is invalid and no slot text is inserted, the alt text will be converted to initials format as a fallback.

John Smith
<PersonPicture src="not-a-real-domain" alt="John Smith" />

Custom Text

If no src is provided, you can provide your own text to be displayed in the control. The order of display is:

  1. If a valid image URL in src is provided, it will be displayed.
  2. If the src attribute fails to display or is invalid, the text or HTML is passed into the default slot will be displayed.
  3. If src is invalid, no slots are used, but an alt property is provided, the alt text will be converted to initials format and displayed.
Robert Downey Jr.
<div style="display: flex; gap: 12px;">
	<PersonPicture src="not-a-real-domain" alt="Robert Downey Jr." />


You can use the component’s badge slot to insert an offset element at the top of the picture. It’s recommended that you use the InfoBadge component for this.

John Smith 4
	import { InfoBadge, PersonPicture } from "fluent-svelte";

	let messages = 4;

<PersonPicture src="" alt="John Smith">
	<InfoBadge slot="badge">{messages}</InfoBadge>


You can control the dimensions of the picture in pixels by setting the size property. The default size is 72.

<PersonPicture size={8} />
<PersonPicture size={16} />
<PersonPicture size={32} />
<PersonPicture size={64} />

Component API

API docs automatically generated by sveld and vite-plugin-sveld.


size number 72 The size of the picture in pixels.
src any undefined Source URL used for the picture.
alt any undefined Defines the alt text used if an `src` attribute is specified. Also used as fallback text if no `src` or slot text is provided.
element null | HTMLDivElement | HTMLImageElement null Obtains a bound DOM reference to the inner picture element.
containerElement null | HTMLDivElement null Obtains a bound DOM reference to the outer picture container.


NameSlot PropsFallback
Unnamed (Default) {} {alt ?.split(" ") .map(i => i.charAt(0)) .join("") .toUpperCase() ?? ""}
badge {} Empty


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