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List Items display data stacked vertically in a single column. List Items work better for items that have text as a focal point, and for collections that are meant to be read top to bottom (i.e. alphabetically ordered). A few common use cases for List Items include lists of messages and search results.

import { ListItem } from "fluent-svelte";
  • ListItem
  • ListItem
  • ListItem
  • ListItem
  • Usage

    A ListItem is either a general-purpose item or a link. By default, an item will be rendered as a standard HTML <li> element. If an href property is provided, the item will be converted into an <a> tag.

    Selecting Items

    An item can be marked as selected to indicate that it a currently active option. To do this, use the selected property.

  • Text
  • <ListItem selected>Text</ListItem>

    You can also listen to the select event, which is dispatched when the selected property is changed to a truthy value.

    Disabled Items

    If the item is not meant to be clicked, you can use the disabled property to visually indicate this. If an item is disabled, it will be unclickable and the href prop will be ignored.

  • Text
  • <ListItem disabled>Text</ListItem>

    Adding an Icon

    You can easily add an icon to an item using the icon slot. Passing in an SVG element will render it before any contents with 16x16 dimensions.

  • Text
  • <ListItem>
    	<!-- -->
    	<svg slot="icon" width="16" height="16" viewBox="0 0 16 16" xmlns="">
    			d="M7.85355 0.146447C7.65829 -0.0488155 7.34171 -0.0488155 7.14645 0.146447C6.95118 0.341709 6.95118 0.658291 7.14645 0.853553L8.29603 2.00314C4.80056 2.11088 2 4.97839 2 8.5C2 12.0899 4.91015 15 8.5 15C12.0899 15 15 12.0899 15 8.5C15 8.48656 15 8.47313 14.9999 8.45971C14.9983 8.2001 14.7805 8 14.5209 8H14.4782C14.2093 8 14 8.23107 14 8.5C14 11.5376 11.5376 14 8.5 14C5.46243 14 3 11.5376 3 8.5C3 5.53311 5.34917 3.11491 8.28892 3.00398L7.14645 4.14645C6.95118 4.34171 6.95118 4.65829 7.14645 4.85355C7.34171 5.04882 7.65829 5.04882 7.85355 4.85355L9.85355 2.85355C10.0488 2.65829 10.0488 2.34171 9.85355 2.14645L7.85355 0.146447ZM11.8536 6.14645C12.0488 6.34171 12.0488 6.65829 11.8536 6.85355L8.85355 9.85355C8.65829 10.0488 8.34171 10.0488 8.14645 9.85355L6.64645 8.35355C6.45118 8.15829 6.45118 7.84171 6.64645 7.64645C6.84171 7.45118 7.15829 7.45118 7.35355 7.64645L8.5 8.79289L11.1464 6.14645C11.3417 5.95118 11.6583 5.95118 11.8536 6.14645Z"

    ARIA Roles

    For the purposes of accessibly adapting ListItems to certain use-cases, a role property has been exposed to override the default ARIA role of the item, which is listitem.

    Component API

    API docs automatically generated by sveld and vite-plugin-sveld.


    selected boolean false Controls whether the item is selected or not.
    disabled boolean false Controls whether the item is intended for user interaction, and styles it accordingly.
    href string "" Sets an href value and converts the list element into an anchor.
    role string "listitem" Specifies an ARIA role for the item.
    element null | HTMLAnchorElement | HTMLLIElement null Obtains a bound DOM reference to the item's element.


    NameSlot PropsFallback
    Unnamed (Default) {} Empty
    icon {} Empty


    All DOM events are forwarded to this component's respective elements by default. Learn More

    Dispatched Events

    select None